Product database management system
Preparing and managing product data –
with the inspare® product database management system

Adaptability and minimum response times are required to keep pace with the dynamics of the automotive aftermarket. Effective product management requires structured, yet flexible data handling. These requirements can only be met by using a product database management system specially geared to the needs of the market.

The inspare® product database fully corresponds with the TecDoc format while offering customisation options.

The key features at a glance:

Data import: We thoroughly analyse the customer's existing data sources and strive to keep data check-in to a minimum.
Interfaces: Efficient interface programming guarantees quick data transfer without losses.
Data maintenance: Once the database has been created, we carry out ongoing content updates.
Data research: We support our customers in supplementing and complementing their product data.
Reporting: We also provide support with reporting to help our customers have full control over their data at all times.
Export: Our solutions include various data export functions to suit a variety export media.


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