What characterises the IAM
Increasingly fierce competition
on the independent parts market

For many years, there was little competition between authorised and independent parts businesses. Today, however,both carmakers and participants in the independent parts market fiercely rival for every customer.

More and more automobile manufacturers are targeting customers on the independent repair market. Using multi-brandonline catalogues, e.g. partslink24, they try to win customers from their rivals on the independent aftermarket.

It is therefore business-critical for participants of the independent aftermarket to provide users with quick and easyaccess to up-to-date catalogue information at all times. Using a leading data format such as TecDoc facilitates access toyour products and helps you keep up with services offered by vehicle manufacturers.

Standardised product information

A consequence of this trend is the increasing standardisation of product information. TecDoc has established itself as the leading standard of the automotive parts industry. However, it also a highly complex standard which places high demandson the product management system of the parts suppliers.

Access to all data through one single platform makes the system more transparent for potential customers. Electronic catalogues allow for a comparison of data provided by different suppliers. In this highly competitive environment outdated or badly structured information risks to put a business at stake.

Inspare GmbH provides its customers with professional support throughout the entire data preparation process thereby ensuring that optimally prepared data is delivered to the respective platforms.


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